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SHH Personalberatung OHG, Partner of the EXECUTIVE SERVICES GROUP – Your Experienced Executive and Direct Search Specialist in Karlsruhe

Located in Karlsruhe – Proactive Recruiting in the DACH area

We are HR specialists for Executive Search and Direct Search for Technical Specialists and Sales Professionals. We act proactively contacting potential candidates on the market.

We do not „post and pray“ like other companies do by relying on job advertising or pure e-recruitment awaiting answers. We hunt – we are headhunters aiming for the best!!

Why rely on Executive or Direct Search in your recruiting activities?

Direct Search is target-oriented. The basis of our approach is a thorough preparation for addressing specialists and Executives at their current working place. By these means you can find openly searching people but more important you can trigger interest for a job switch in people who are latent willing to change. These people usually do not search for vacancy ads.

The main reasons why specialist change their jobs is that they might be interested in the technical environment of the vacancy, the career path as well as the cultural environment of the potential new employer. The headhunter has to be familiar with development in the IT market and its technologies and thus be a good sparring partner in order to highlight the USPs of the vacancy.

To be a successful and convincing headhunter in the Executive Search you have to know your customer by heart in order to represent it on the market and „sell it“ to potential candidates in the recruiting process.

This implies a trustworthy relationship in order to obtain important information with respect to financial figures and a good and open communication and the possibility to give impulses when it comes to improvement of internal processes.

Managers are highly interested in the management structure of a potential new employer, their possible ability to develop in terms of classical career steps but also with respect to possible implementations of new paradigms such as “New Work” developments like agile working, new leadership models or empowerment and the impact thereof on the team culture.

Headhunting the leaders and the best

The entire Executive and Direct Search process relies on discretion, trust and ethics, absolute must haves for a successful relationship.

We fully subscribe to these business standards! Do not hesitate to contact us, if you are enhancing your team, we will be pleased to assist and support you in recruiting the best team members and the leaders!

Our Executive Search awards highlight the quality of our work.

Winner Headhunter of the Year 2018 Candidate Experience; Nominee Headhunter of the Year 2019 and 2017 Candidate Experience and FOCUS Top Dienstleister Executive Search 2019, 2018, 2015 and 2014. Further information regarding awards please visit the EXECUTIVE SERVICES GROUP website.

Your Headhunter in Karlsruhe – SHH Personalberatung OHG, Partner of the EXECUTIVE SERVICES GROUP

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