Direct Search of Specialists

By Direct Search you can not only reach suitable candidates on job search, but also a special circle of persons whom are not actively looking for a new challenge, but whom could be motivated by interesting offers to change their position.

This way is effective, but also very labour-intensive with many detail and research work regarding the identification, contact and personal selection of suitable candidates.

Our service in the direct search of specialists:

  • Elaboration of a requirement profile in a personal discussion with you.
  • Search and identification of suitable candidates by direct contact, by net-hunting and use of our own candidate database. By active search we achieve a fullfillment quota above 90%  – a high guarantee that the vacancy will be occupied.
  • Interviews regarding the competence. You will obtain a confidential report about our impressions from those discussions, including our objective and professional opinion about social competence, communication ability and other soft-skills. You spare yourself time and work for useless job interviews, because additional to the application documents you will obtain a comprehensive qualified evaluation of the candidate.
  • Upon request assessement of personality and potential analysis
  • Presentation of the most suitable candidates in your company. Beyond the organisation of the appointments we will be present at those introduction-discussions for giving you a neutral feed-back referring to the interviewed candidate.
  • We work on a fixed contract commissioning: our fixed fee is based on the difficulty degree and the annual gross salary of the vacant position and will be individually settled up. In case one of the quitting of the candidates mediated by us during the first six month, you are covered by our guarantee.

Use the experience and competence of our team to find the suitable co-worker for your company in these contested markets. We will support you profoundly and professionally!


  • Long year experience in direct search of specialists with a fulfillment quota above 90%
  • The deep branch knowledge of the partners helps to suitably fill in your vacancy
  • High quality and synergy effects in the project work by locations all over Germany