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Background of Technical Specialists: Mathematics, Information Technology, Natural Sciences and Engineering

Direct Search – Win the best for your team, now!

The high demand for skilled technical specialists in different positions within the IT, Automotive and the Healthcare sector and the lack thereof puts HR departments in a challenging as well as difficult position in terms of recruiting.

Successful Approach Through Direct Search to Find Technical Professionals

By Direct Search you can not only reach suitable candidates on job search but also a special circle of persons that are not actively looking for a new challenge, but who could be motivated by interesting offers to change their position.

Examples for successfully filled IT related Technical Professional and Management positions:

CTOSoftware EngineerIT Consultant
IT Project ManagerIT Architecte-Commerce Specialist
Technical Presales ConsultantScrum Master

Scrum Owner

Product Manager
Quality Assurance

Test Management

System Engineer


IT Support

Successful Proactive Direct Search and Recruiting by Headhunters

Technical specialist are a „scarce commodity“ on today’s workforce market and for many years to come it will not change. By a huge percentage they are well employed and do not react to ads and should they be open towards a change, they will often use their network to apply elsewhere.

Even before graduation they are aggressively hunted by large companies and do not appear visibly as searching. Thus they are in far reach for SMBs or so called “hidden champions”.

This is where we can help your company to fill in vacancies.

By Direct Search we identify potential candidates on the market, raise their interest to switch jobs and to join your team to enhance your success on the market. This approach is effective, but also very labour-intensive with many detail and research work regarding the identification, contact and personal selection of suitable candidates.

Use the experience and competence of our team to find the suitable co-worker for your company in these contested markets.

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