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Professional Headhunting and Executive Search by Senior Consultants - experienced, discreet and empathic with a focussed approach

Executive Search – Direct and In Person Search Method

The Senior Consultants of the EXECUTIVE SERVICES GROUP in Karlsruhe have a founded experience of more than 20 years in supporting clients in different industries such as IT, Automotive or Healthcare in terms of filling vacancies for highly trained Executive staff required to manage teams, projects or structures.

The professional Direct Search for Executive personnel requires a dedicated branch expertise and a discreet, empathic, trustworthy and highly prepared approach.

Managers as Thought Leaders

Sometimes a team is only as good, as its Manager. Today a Manager is not only a leader but also an empowerer, able to gather the right team around him or herself in order to transfer knowledge and responsibilities. Yet it isn’t just a question of training and know-how that decides whether the certain Manager is the best fit, as not every company has the same culture.

So what is the “Cultural Fit” that often sets the decisive tone?

In many small and middle sized companies there is a culture change evolving. Team members often decide themselves, who should take the lead either from within the team or by being involved in the recruiting process of an external Manager.

The paradigms of “New Work” are starting to influence more and more companies empowering the team with responsibilities with respect to taking important decisions, thus reducing or blurring classical hierarchies. In these companies there are no classical Managers but leading roles. External Managers have to rethink their mind set in order to fit in these companies’ culture.

On the other hand these agile thinkers meet their own boundaries when a company has a hierarchical structure looking for someone to implement strict rules from top-down.

Due to our long experience in dealing with IT companies which have already implemented agile structures, we know what kind of personalities are the best fit when it comes to taking an important leading role within a modern work environment and setting the tone for a change.

We also have experience with clients with classical structures and functions that are preparing for a step by step transformation that has to take its time, as not every paradigm change is feasible or suitable.

„Digital Leaders“ in a „Digital World“

The digitalisation process within all industries requires a new flexible and agile view and understanding for leadership, taking into account the changes that go with the existing and hitherto established way of organising work, the teams and overall the communication within the company.

Executive Search – with the EXECUTIVE SERVICES GROUP

The Consultants of the EXECUTIVE SERVICES GROUP in Karlsruhe work side by side with their clients when it comes to setting up the requirements profile for a leading role that has to fit in the company and more important fit in the team – not only with respect to special know-how but to personality and character. In terms of assessing these we rely on an established tool for potential-analysis called INSIGHTS MDI ®.

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